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UCBUGG: 3D Modeling and Animation

Fall 2015
CS 98/198-3
3 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Have you ever wondered how Pixar movies are made? Take this Decal! This course is intended for students who are interested in the prospect of learning the basics of 3D modeling and animation, and the process that goes into creating 3D animated movies.

Early in the semester, students will be divided into project groups consisting of about 5-6 people. Groups will then spend the rest of the semester working to complete a roughly 30-second short film using Autodesk Maya!

Every class will begin with a short lecture introducing a new concept in 3D animation. Students will then work through an online tutorial which will help them put this new concept into practice. At the end of the semester, you will know everything you need to make your own animations and short films!

How to Enroll:

We ask you to come to our first class, during which we will give a small homework assignment. If space is limited, we will choose students that put the most effort and creativity into the assignment.

Course Contact: mark AT


Faculty Sponsor: Dan Garcia

Time & Location:

Thursday Section[?]
Mark Craig
30200 Sutardja Dai HallTh 7p-9p9/03started
Tuesday Section[?]
Mark Craig
30200 Sutardja Dai HallTu 7p-9p9/01started

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