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UCBUGG: 3D Modeling and Animation

Fall 2014
Computer Science 98/198
3 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

UC Berkeley Undergraduate Graphics Group (UCBUGG) is a casual bunch of students at Berkeley who think the fusion of technology, art, and entertainment increasingly possible today is pretty darn cool, and an area where our University lacks in available coursework. Therefore, we're teaching a class through the DeCal program to introduce our fellow students to the process of producing a 3D animated short film.

We guide students through creating a compelling story, collaborating in teams to bring their vision to life using the Autodesk Maya software. Students are also introduced to speakers from companies like Pixar, Tippet Studios, Dreamworks, and Lucasfilm, and at the end of the semester, are invited to celebrate all the finished shorts with a viewing party and free pizza (of course!). The great thing about UCBUGG is that taking our class is not the end; we encourage students to jump back in and join us to work on advanced projects and teach their passion to another generation of UCBUGGers. For more information about this course, check out our website! Also check out previous semesters' shorts on our YouTube channel:!

How to Enroll:

We have withheld the CCN so it is not visible through the Course Catalog (CS 98/198 Section 003). In order to join this course, you must attend the first lecture of your preferred section and we will take you through our application process. Once we select students for the class, we will distribute the CCN for tele-bears.

Note: Also, please keep in mind that this course is a 3 unit course and that you are allowed to take only a total of 4 units of independent study courses per semester (which means you cannot take this decal with another 2 unit+ decal). If you really need to take this decal along with another decal, bringing you to 4+ units of independent study, you will need to petition with your specific college. For more information, contact ucbugg facilitators.

Course Contact: staff AT


Faculty Sponsor: Dan Garcia

Time & Location:

Thursday SectionMark Craig
Ryan Davis
35200 Sutardja DaiTh 7p-9p9/04full
Tuesday SectionMark Craig
Ryan Davis
35200 Sutardja DaiTu 7p-9p9/02full

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