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Macintosh Student Developers for OS X

Fall 2014
COMPSCI 98 / 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:


MS-DOS X is a student-run course designed as an introduction to application programming for the Macintosh, iPhone, and iPad. The goal of the class is to provide the tools and guidance needed to write an application for OS X or iOS.

The course covers Objective-C, the standard object- oriented language used to write software for OS X and iOS, followed by Cocoa and the Foundation classes provided by Apple as part of the SDK. The course will then cover the higher-level aspects of how OS X and iOS applications area designed and written. The last several weeks of the course will be dedicated to working on the final project. 

There will be three assignments in this class. The first two are homework assignments that will be given in the first half of the semester. The third is a final project, which will culminate in a presentation and demo at the end of the semester on the Friday of RRR week.

How to Enroll:

The enrollment policy is first come first serve. However, in past iterations of the course, everyone has been able to get enrolled into the class. Wait a few weeks if you are on the waitlist and hopefully we will be able to get everyone enrolled.

Course Contact: larrycao AT


Faculty Sponsor: Dan Garcia

Time & Location:

Larry Cao
50200 Sutardja Dai HallMW 8p-10p9/03started26217 (lower)
26535 (upper)

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: Syllabus.pdfSep 334kbAdobe PDF (Viewer)View Download

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