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Garden Leadership and Management

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Fall 2016
Environmental Design and Landscape Architecture
1 Unit(s)



About the Course:

The Student Organic Garden is an incubator for horticultural knowledge, community building and outreach, skill sharing, social improvement and meaningful discussion. Students passionate about sustainable agriculture and landscapes, food sovereignty, community collaborations, food justice and more can find a creative outlet through this class. This DeCal offers a space for experiential learning- a individual-powered learning style that has students play on their strength to find their place in the global food movement. Us facilitators help guide the students along the way with knowledge regarding garden management, organizatization, project management, the campus, resource acquisition and networking- but the students define the class!

This course will teach students how to run a thriving, community garden - nurturing skills such as crop planning, community outreach, volunteer coordination, project management, and more. 

We will have two semester projects that each student will complete independently or collaboratively. The ultimate goal is to grow future SOGA leaders, garden managers and project leaders. Have no fear, the facilitators will be with all of you every step of the way! Also expect plenty of pot lucks!


How to Enroll:

We choose to treat this class as a small, seminar style, constructive environment where each person can get to know one another. Due to the nature of this style, we limit our capacity to around 15 students. This may or may not require an application process, we will determine this at the first class!

Course Contact: kelly011235 AT

Faculty Sponsor: Matt Kondolf

Time & Location:

Kelly Archer
20Student Organic Garden (Corner or WalnutTu 5p-7p9/06started

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