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Copwatch: Community Based Police Accountability

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Fall 2016
Legal Studies 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The Copwatch DeCal begins with an introduction to the grassroots organization Berkeley Copwatch. The DeCal is the campus extension of Copwatch and provides students with opportunities to participate in community organizing throughout the semester.

The first official class is a Know-Your-Rights Training. We will host a Q & A session about police encounters and the lawful/proper procedures/responses. Students will also receive an in-depth training on copwatching procedure and safety from the founder of Berkeley Copwatch. Through a combination of presentations by activists in the alternative justice movement as well as direct field monitoring of police, we will study and discuss many of the harsh realities of modern policing, as well as the historical origins of how things arrived at the state they are in today. Most of the topics we discuss use local case studies involving the Berkeley Police Department & UCPD. Topics include militarization, mental health, police repression of activist movements, and current events related to police reform efforts and policing. Students will also be trained in basic criminal procedure, power analysis, techniques for observing police activity, and avenues for reporting abuses.

Berkeley Copwatch has been encouraging and educating community members to exercise their right-to-watch the police since 1990. Due to repeated instances of police violence being caught on film, the right-to-watch has been in the media spotlight. Even with video evidence, police continue to act with impunity. The DeCal is meant to provide students with the knowledge and resources to participate in the fight against police brutality.

How to Enroll:

Students will be enrolled on a first come, first served basis. Simply attend class on the first day to receive a CCN. Interviews with facilitators are also encouraged, as we plan to adapt the syllabus based on student interests. If you cannot attend the first class or if you need special accomodations or arrangements (and for any questions at all) please feel free to email us at 

Course Contact: copwatchdecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Jonathan Simon

Time & Location:

Section 1Emma Fogel Peyton Provenzano
30234 DwinelleTu 5p-6:30p8/30started

Uploaded Files:

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