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Scientific Journalism: The Berkeley Scientific Journal

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Fall 2016
MCB 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Every semester, our undergraduate staff publishes independent research done by undergraduates at UC Berkeley, interviews with faculty members, and articles on current issues in science. All research papers are faculty reviewed, and all interviews are conducted by the staff. The initial purpose of the journal was to provide an official forum in which Berkeley undergraduates could publish their independent research. But since its inception in 1996, it has expanded to give the Berkeley scientific community a more in-depth understanding of itself, a broader understanding of how events here at Berkeley impact global concerns, and vice versa. The focus of the journal is broad, spanning scientific disciplines ranging from ecology to engineering, from astronomy to biochemistry. Our intended audience includes, but is not limited to, UC Berkeley students, faculty, and the surrounding community. Although all of our published material is primarily related to the campus, many research papers include work done far from campus, and our faculty interviewees do work that involve collaborations and carry global implications.

The purpose of the DeCal is to give journal members a chance to learn more about the history, production, and career opportunities in scientific journalism, while opening up work on the journal to a wider group of individuals. BSJ members in recent semesters have included students from various disciplines including MCB, physics, economics, public health, business administration and many others.


How to Enroll:

Admission is offered to all who attend our first meeting. If you are unable to attend this first meeting, please contact the facilitators. 


Course Contact: hchowdhary AT


Faculty Sponsor: Professor Caroline Kane

Time & Location:

BSJHarshika Chowdhary
30107 GPBM 7p-9p9/12full

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