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Youth Support Program- Mentoring

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Spring 2016
Social Welfare 97/197
1-2 Unit(s)

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community service /
field work course

About the Course:

The Youth Support Program (YSP) at Willard Middle School uses a unique approach to youth support found nowhere else in the Bay Area. Only seven blocks from the UC Berkeley campus, the program recruits and trains Cal students to provide one-on-one attention to middle school students for a minimum of one year each. Mentors spend four hours a week visiting their mentee’s classes, working with them on homework after school, teaching civic responsibility and leadership through community service events, and providing cultural arts education through program events and our partnership with CATS, the Community Access Ticket Service. Together, these activities engage students in school and work to improve student performance and behavior in a way that meets their individual needs.

How to Enroll:

Class meets every Wednesday (starting 2/3/2016) from 5-6 in 2 Haviland.

In order to ensure the best possible matches, we ask that our mentors turn in an application. We then interview each of our applicants to find out more about their experience and interests so that we can find a student who will work well with them.

Apply at:

Course Contact: youthsupportprogram AT


Faculty Sponsor: Susan Stone

Time & Location:

SW Section 10Youth Support Program
302 HavilandW 5p-6p2/03started97 (lower)
197 (upper)

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