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The Internal Gym: Redefining Health and Mindset

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Spring 2016
ISF 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This class will be your ultimate motivation. If you have dreams of greatness, this is where to start. Great bodies come from Great Minds. Be ready to overcome bad habits and grow physically and mentally by engaging in your own life goals and health goals.

This course was made to connect your success in the gym (or outdoors) with your success in life. As you overcome barriers in your health you too will work to overcome barriers in your life.

Learn Strategies of how to:

  • Break Bad Habits for Good
  • Set Realistic Goals and Reach Them
  • Build a True Support System For Success
  • Overcome fears of pain and hard work
  • and to Truly Engage in Meaninful and Giving Life

The Internal Gym is your Mind. It is your training ground for all success internally and externally. I believe our bodies like our lives are merely a byproduct of our thoughts and decisions. This is not a personal training course. It is a course made to empower you to empower yourself to be successful in all aspects of your life, starting with your health.


How to Enroll:

Fill Out Short Screening Survey 

Please fill out our very simple 10-question screening survey and we will get back to you the same/next day. Which will help us get an idea of where you are in your health and fitness and also help us gauge if this is the right class for you.

As a note there are only 20 slots for this semester so fill it now and we'll get back to you same day or next day

Screening Survey Here:

Course Contact: fadifrancis AT


Faculty Sponsor: Rakesh Bhandari

Time & Location:

IGYM Training DojoFadi Francis
20Dwinelle 246M 5p-7p2/08started

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