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Craft of Facilitating

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Spring 2016
Education 97/197
2-3 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The Craft of Facilitating provides current and future undergraduate course facilitators a creative and challenging environment in which to explore and refine how they design and facilitate a course. Participants contribute to course content, and can expect that through readings, guest speakers, class observations, and practical activity we will engage such topics as:

•course and syllabus design

•multiple intelligences & learning styles

•keeping students motivated and engaged

•roles of facilitators & varying facilitation styles

•assessing student learning


By the end of the term you will have produced either a course proposal or course portfolio to showcase your work.

How to Enroll:

For more information and to request enrollment e-mail Liz Keithley at

Course Contact: keithley AT


Faculty Sponsor: Cathy Koshland

Time & Location:

Liz Keithley
15151 Chavez Student CenterW 2p-4p1/27full

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