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Body Positive DeCal

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Spring 2016
Psychology 98/ 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

In this course, we will explore feminist perspectives on bodies, external forces shaping people’s relationships to their bodies, and paths to embracing healthy and intuitive methods of self-care. 

We will discuss relevant readings in class, and short facilitated exercises will prompt students to explore their own experiences and relationships with their bodies. We will watch film clips, explore healing through artistic expression, and participate in fun self-exploration activities. Journal entries will be assigned in order to deepen thinking and reflection. 

The course will conclude with the sharing of a final project at the intuitive eating potluck during the last class session. Examples of previous projects include posters, paintings, short films, poetry collections, PowerPoint presentations, and written pieces, focusing on individuals' journeys of learning and personal reflection through the semester. 

Attendance is important, as this is a discussion-focused course. We hope you can make it to every single class; you can miss up to 2 meetings and still receive a passing grade. 

How to Enroll:

We will hand out CCNs on the first day of class. Please e-mail us with enrollment questions.

Course Contact: kasiamarkham AT , sarahstinson AT

Faculty Sponsor: Dacher Keltner

Time & Location:

Psych 198Kasia Markham
Sarah Stinson
40201 GianniniW 6p-8p1/27full

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