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The Sage Mentorship Project

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Spring 2016
1-2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Course Description: The Sage Mentorship Project is UC Berkeley's largest one-on-one mentorship organization, matching hundreds of committed UC Berkeley students to an elementary school-aged mentee each year. Our mission is to provide youth from the ten Berkeley and Oakland elementary schools we reach with a personal connection to mentors through academic and extracurricular activities in order to foster life skills and personal growth. 

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Basic Unit Distribution: 

  • 1 Unit: 2 hours of mentoring per week; weekly assignments.
  • 2 Units: 3 hours of mentoring per week; weekly assignments.

How to Enroll:

Mandatory Spring 2016 Information Sessions:  

Wednesday, 2/3 from 7-9pm in 155 Dwinelle


Thursday, 2/4 from 7-9pm in 155 Dwinelle

*Please Note: Attendance at one information session is mandatory in order to become a Sage mentor and officially enroll in the DeCal. If you are a returning mentor, attendance is still mandatory. However, feel free to come to the latter half of the information session.


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Course Contact: recruitment AT


Faculty Sponsor: Professor Ozlem Ayduk

Time & Location:

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