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Game of Thrones--Alliances, Power, and Strategy

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Spring 2016
Poli Sci 98/198
1 Unit(s)



About the Course:


This DeCal will have students reading the first Game of Thrones book by George R. R. Martin, and breaking down the events and decisions that the characters make through the lenses that are introduced in the Political Science Five Class-such as realism, neoliberalism, etc. This series has captured the imagination of countless students, and this Decal is an opportunity for people to enhance their knowledge of Political Science using a popular book as a vehicle for conversation. Students will then analyze the actions and decisions made by the characters, and critique their strategy using these lenses. Each week class will be based on reviewing the events in the assigned reading from that week, and how the perspectives could be used to analyze what occurred, and further exploring our understanding of how actors relate within these systems. Then discussion will occur among the students to analyze the events of the book.

How to Enroll:

CCNs will be distributed on the first day of class.

Course Contact: goft.decal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Darren Zook

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Section 1Nicholas Clothier
Deepika Dilip
30156 DwinelleTu 5p-6p2/02started

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