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Health Coaching

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Spring 2016
Public Health 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Course Objectives

➜ Learn what it means to be a health coach in primary care

➜ Gain knowledge and practical skills necessary to promote healthy lifestyle change and help others achieve their health goals

➜ Apply effective communication strategies for health coaching, including building rapport and connecting with others

➜ Meet new friends passionate about healthcare

➜ Connect students with health coaching opportunities upon completion of the course

Course Details

➜ Learn health coaching techniques practical for future health professionals

➜ Captivating readings and weekly discussions on issues in healthcare and the doctor-patient relationship

Awesome guest speakers including a health educator, personal trainer, dietitian, pharmacist, and health policy analyst

➜ Partnerships with LifeLong Medical Care and the Strawberry Creek Health Coaching Project

➜ Opportunities to shadow health coaches in primary care with the possibility of becoming volunteers


Course Syllabus

Spring 2016

Requirements for Passing

➜ Attend all lectures (maximum of two unexcused absences)

➜ Active participation in weekly readings, discussions, and class exercises

➜ Complete three out of four short assignments

➜ Complete a final roleplaying scenario


Feedback from Previous Semesters

"I would advise students to practice these skills in their own goal setting and to bring these skills into your relationships when your friends or family are struggling with problems. Health coaching is a very transformative way of understanding and setting our goals in a much more holistic way. Also, for those attempting to go into the medical field, bring these skills into your profession! Many health care providers could improve their practice if they used many of these skills."


"Come with an open mind and listen to the guest speakers. They have great information to share with you. Even if you don't learn the exact term you will take away the concepts and use them in your daily life."


"Take it! Practice the role plays as often as you can, it's a really good skill to have"

How to Enroll:

All interested students are welcome to join our class! Those interested in pursuing a career working with patients/clients are highly encouraged to join.


Our first class/info session is on Tuesday, January 26th at 262 Dwinelle from 6:30-7:30PM. Depending on student turnout, we may require you to complete a short application after the first week before distributing CCNs.


If you have any questions or accommodations, please email us at

Course Contact: hcdecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Hector Rodriguez

Time & Location:

Svea Joaquino
Angel Wong
20TBATu 6:30p-8p1/26started

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