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Snap! Below The Line [CANCELED]

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Spring 2016
Computer Science 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

UPDATE: This decal is scheduled for Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm in Soda room 273. An email will be sent out regarding first day of class soon.


Snap! is the visual programming language used to teach computer science in CS10 and around the world. The intent of this course is to help students prepare to be on the Snap! development team and help contribute and make influential changes to the Snap! language.

By the end of this course, students will be able to navigate the Snap! source code and understand how Snap! runs and operates. We will teach how to make changes to Snap! and students will complete a change of their own. We will also introduce the fundamentals of JavaScript and GitHub.

Instruction will primarily consist of weekly lectures by the faciliators and guest lecturers as well as in-class, hands-on practice on the Snap! source code. Relevant readings and assignments will be assigned as homework. There will be a final project towards the end of the semester that has tremendous weight in determining whether or not the student will pass the class.

There will be additional office hour time for students to get help and keep learning - this will be optional, but recommended.

Lectures and the completion of a final project will be mandatory to pass the class. Excused absences are acceptable - if you need to miss a lecture, please contact the facilitators at least one day prior to the class. 

Office hours are strongly, strongly encouraged. The best learning happens with 1:1 interaction - and you will likely have questions outside of the lectures. There are  of us in the community here to help! Feel free to contact a facilitator and we can set up times to meet, eat, and learn.

How to Enroll:

First come first serve enrollment through a google form here .


Decal will be held once a week sometime after 5pm during the week.

Specific date comming soon. Contact me with any questions @

Course Contact: zmcpher AT


Faculty Sponsor: Brian Harvey

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