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Peace Corps DeCal

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Spring 2016
College Writing 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Through the Berkeley Peace Corps DeCal, students will be able to learn about the Peace Corps experience and perspectives of various returning volunteers. Through interacting with volunteers that visited different areas, students will be exposed to some general trends, as well as differences, among the unique experiences of each Peace Corps member. Students will also learn about the countries in which the guest speakers volunteered. The culture, language, environment and cuisine of the volunteers' respective countries are frequent topics of discussion. Thirdly, students will know more about the application process of applying to Peace Corps. Many of the returned Peace Corps volunteers who come in to speak offer valuable insight on what makes the ideal Peace Corps volunteer and tells their personal stories about why they decided to apply and how they went about the application process. The course offers insight into cross-cultural volunteer work and advice on applying to the Peace Corps. 


Along with attending weekly classes, students are expected to participate in public service events and complete a few assignments. Students are allowed two absences throughout the course of the semester and any absence beyond that will have to be made up with participation in an extra public service event or completion of an extra journal entry (per absence). Students will also have to submit weekly journals in which they reflect on their thoughts about the volunteer’s presentation.



Finally, this class will emphasize group activities and interactive learning, encouraging everyone to actively participate in the courseand foster a genuine interest in the Peace Corps.

How to Enroll:

Email if you're interested!


Course Contact: liujj AT, hberris AT, pcdecalberkeley AT

Faculty Sponsor: Michelle Baptiste

Time & Location:

Hannah Berris
Jesi Liu
30122 DwinelleTu 6p-8p1/26full

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