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Video Games and You: The Player's Perspective

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Spring 2016
Art Practice 98 / 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

(The following is a summary of the syllabus, the entirety of which can be found below)

In this class, we will be studying and analyzing video games and our interactions with them. We will take both the player's and the designer's perspectives into account, though this class is mainly focused on studying the way we play games, not how to make games.

The class is split about 60/40 between lecture and discussion. We'll lecture on different topics and then ask the class to think and discuss ideas relating to the topic. To see some of the topics, feel free to check out the website! All of our lecture slides are posted there.

There WILL BE SPOILERS to games during discussion! If you're unwilling to tolerate any sort of spoilers, this might not be the class for you, as staying spoiler-free would limit our discussion. But if there are just a few games you don't want spoiled, it's okay to occasionally step out of the classroom to avoid hearing anything.

The class will be based mainly on readings, discussions, and analysis of a few games we'll be playing together. All the games that are assigned will be free, but it does mean you need a computer of some sort. If you can't play the games, you can schedule office hours and play it on our computers.

Note: Anything you see in the syllabus schedule is subject to change.

How to Enroll:

Applications are now open! Follow this link: to apply!

Application deadline is Wednesday, Jan 27, 11:59 PM. Applications will be processed on Thursday! Last Call application deadline is Sunday, Jan 31, 11:59 PM. Last Call applications may still be considered, but not given preference!

Hildebrand! Come to our first day of class on Jan. 25th!

We will admit 30 students to the Decal. 

To enroll in the class, please come to our first meeting, which will be January 25th, 6:30-8:00pm in B56 Hildebrand. Then we will give out the link to the application. If you are selected from the applicants to take this class, we will send you a CCN and CEC to use on Telebears.

Course Contact: videogamesdecal AT


Faculty Sponsor: Greg Niemeyer

Time & Location:

Section 1[?]
Nathan Chong
Michael Gibbes
Calvin 'KirbiKaka' Lu
30B56 HildebrandM 6:30p-8p1/25full

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