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Criminal Psychology

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Spring 2016
Psychology 198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

We are attempting to explain what not only creates a criminal, but also what defines them. The criminals in question are particularly those who commit heinous crimes, which are murder, rape/sexual assault, and arson. In addition, we will study criminal profiles (cool, right?) and we will briefly cover law and order from a forensic psychologist's point of view.

Attendance is mandatory. Student must show up to at least one of the classes in the first two weeks to be enrolled.

Come to the first day (1/19) to receive info on course and view the syllabus. The syllabus with a tentative schedule and assignments has been posted.

How to Enroll:

Please fill out this Google form here so that we can keep track of interest in the class. We will email everyone back near the end of winter break informing you of whether you have been accepted, waitlisted, or if we were unable to fit you into the decal. The CCNs will be given on the first day of class.

(Here is the url for the form if the link above doesn't work:

Course Contact: nsamee AT

Time & Location:

Nikoo Samee
50166 BarrowsTu 6p-7p1/19full— (lower)
74409 (upper)

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: Crim Psych Syllabus.docxDec 1520kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download

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