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Underwood 2016: The House of Cards DeCal

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Spring 2016
Political Science 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Democracy is so overrated.

The Netflix Original Series House of Cards took the world by storm in its online debut.  Binge watchers across the country fell in love with the suspense, intrigue, and scandal presented by this fictional government. We dare to take it further, and hope that you will join us in our campaign.  

This class will examine House of Cards from a political science and media perspective.  We will discuss underlying themes, power, and media tools used by the series.  Students will be reading each week, and watching selected clips from the series.  

NOTE: DUE TO NETFLIX COPYRIGHTS, STUDENTS MUST HAVE ACCESS TO HOUSE OF CARDS. I mean, who wants to take a class about a show without watching the show, right? 

Attendance and participation will be a large part of this class.  Students will have 2 papers through the semester to complete, as well as a short presentation during one week of their choice.  Please refer to the syllabus for more information.  


Are you ready for #Underwood2016? We are. 

How to Enroll:

Please attend the first class!  

If we have 24 students or less, everyone will be given a CCN.  If more than 24 show up, we will use the first assignment (Introductory Paragraph) as a means of choosing students. Please refer to the syllabus.

Email with any questions.

See you in the Oval.

Course Contact: hocdecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Laura Stoker

Time & Location:

1Kamran Ali
Siena Guerrazzi
2470 EvansTh 5p-7p1/28full

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