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Depicting the Natural World with Words of the Watershed

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Fall 2015
ESPM 98/198
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About the Course:

Words of the Watershed (WoW) Journal ( is UC Berkeley’s undergraduate journal of local environmental writing and art. A program of the Student Environmental Resource Center, we are entering our third year of production and will publish our third issue in Spring 2016. The mission of WoW is to provide a space for our community to explore, record, and share our collective and individual relationships with the local - and global - natural environments. This course, run by WoW, will introduce students to themes of creative expression in environmentalism, provide a fun and inspiring platform to practice various forms of art and writing with field trips and guest speakers, and engage students in the magazine production process. Not a writer or artist? No worries! This will be a safe place to have fun and tap into your creative juices at will.


Throughout the semester, we will be using modern-day and historical examples to explore the role of creative expression in the environmental movement and ecocriticism concepts. From Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring to Ansel Adam’s photographs to John Muir’s essays, writing and art has long held the power to both inspire and celebrate the wonders of the natural world. But we want to go beyond the well-established, traditional “odes to nature” to explore the diversity of ways in which we depict our individual and our society’s connection to our natural surroundings. How does the concept of trail maps alter our understanding of wilderness and recreation? How has the eco-feminist movement taken shape over the past few decades? What is the role of the artist in the modern environmental movement? We will explore these questions and more in our discussion-based lectures throughout the class.

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To enroll in the class, you must attend the first two classes of the semester. 

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Faculty Sponsor: Kurt Spreyer

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Manon von Kaenel
25332 Giannini HallW 5p-6:30p9/01started

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