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Spring 2013
Molecular Cell Biology 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Each section of BSJ (Features/Research/Interviews/Layout/Publicity) has a different grading policy, but each section does factor attendance into the grade.No previous experience is need to join any of the sections. See below:


Features: Blends science and journalism. Writers choose their own topic that fits into a broad theme for the journal, referred to as the "umbrella topic" (chosen by the whole staff at the beginning of each semester). Previous umbrella topics have included: "The Science of Color," "The Science of Food," "Science Fiction," etc. Writers are not graded on the quality of writing, but are expected to meet deadlines and incorporate editorial feedback.

Research: Staff members a) review undergraduate research submissions and choose which ones will be published, b) help find professors willing to review the chosen submissions, and c) serve as liaisons between the authors and the Research Editors.

Interviews: At the beginning of the semester, the section chooses a 2-3 UCB professors and organizes an interview time with them. They must also read up on the professor's work before interviewing them. The transcript of the interview is published on the website.

Layout: Use Photoshop and Indesign to create visually appealling layouts for the publication of the articles from the Features, Intervews, and Research sections.

Publicity: Foster the relationship between BSJ and the Berkeley population. Among other things, this section aims to increase readership, encourage submissions, and encourage participation in the decal.

*You must have participated in the journal for at least one semester to apply for editorships in spring.

BSJ is a friendly community where scientific minds find a place to learn about new developments in science, exchange ideas, and create a beautiful product that we can all be proud of at the end of the semester.


How to Enroll:

Show up on the fist day to receive a CEC (unless you are a veteran staff member and already have a CEC for Spring 2013). At the first meeting, we will introduce you to the five sections of BSJ: Features, Research, Interviews, Layout, and Publicity. There is a short application for you to fill out, in order for us to get a sense of what section you would prefer to join. At the second meeting, we will decide the umbrella topic (for the spring semester).

Course Contact: bsj.berkeley AT


Faculty Sponsor: Caroline Kane

Time & Location:

BSJ (only 1 section)Kapil Gururangan
Manisha Rai
50105 dwinelleM 7p-9p1/28started

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