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Exploring the Three Kingdoms: The Classic Chinese Novel and Sanguosha the Card Game

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Fall 2012
Legal Studies
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Do you like 'Bang!'?
Have you played Dynasty Warriors?
Always wanted to read Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but could never get past the blizzard of unpronounceable names?

If you answered yes to any of these, come join us as we work through one of China's great historical novels and its various representations in pop culture and interactive media. We'll read the book, watch thundering blockbusters, and engage in warfare against each other channeling the same fury and cunning as Cao Cao himself!

For information on assignments and attendance, see the attached syllabus. Don't worry, the class, and all materials, will be in English--unpronounceable Chinese names included. 

For more information on what this class is and is not, please view this powerpoint:

How to Enroll:

Students will be given the course CCN and a CEC to enter the decal after attending the first and/or second meeting. The class will only be able to accomodate around 30 people, so if more than 30 students are interested, there will unfortunately be students that will not be able to join the class. First day of class will be August 30th.



Course Contact: sanguoshadecal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Robert Berring

Time & Location:

Trevor Chou
Darian Ng
Katherine Pan
30234 DwinelleTh 5p-7p8/30full

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: Sanguoxia decal syllabus draft 2.docJul 1357kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download
Syllabus: Sanguoxia decal syllabus draft update 9:9:12.docSep 1055kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download
Application: Sanguosha Decal Application.docAug 3025kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download

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