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Fighting to Learn, Learning to Fight: Building the Movement for Public Education and Equality

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Fall 2011
AFRICAM 98 / 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Do you want to build the movement to defend public education and fight racism, and you’re serious about winning?

Do you want to increase underrepresented minority enrollment, restore affirmative action and overturn prop. 209 and pass CA DREAM Act 131 and a UC-Wide DREAM Act?

Then this class is for you!

***If you missed the first class, that's okay, just come to the second one after memorial day***

Fighting to Learn, Learning to Fight:


Building the Movement for Public Education and Equality


            Course for those interested in learning more about, participating in and understanding the role of leadership in the student movement to defend public education, and win equality for all, including the fight to integrate the university and win the DREAM act for undocumented students.

            Students will study a wide range of primary source material from leaders of the past and current civil rights movements as well as its opponents, past and present, and analyze, discuss and critique  material in class. Materials will also include video/audio speeches and documentaries. Students will bring discussion questions based on the reading to class and will write one 500-1000 word paper analyzing student’s choice of reading materials (and using the experience gained from fieldwork) to apply reading to today's struggles. Students should be prepared to think critically, draw on their own life experiences to draw conclusions from the readings/discussion.

            The fieldwork portion of the class puts knowledge into action, through practical organizing on campus and in local Bay Area high schools and middle schools. Students will test out theories they've learned in class in practice and discuss experiences and conclusions together. No experience is required for this. Whether outgoing or shy, experienced or inexperienced, our instructors will work with you in a group and one-on-one to develop your political understanding and unique leadership skills to their fullest.

Students may chose from a variety of activities in fieldwork including: outreach, social media and high/middle school presentations.(even if you are shy of public speaking, don't worry, we will work with you and never ask more than you can give while always challenging you to develop yourself to your highest capacity).

            We are entering an exciting new period of mass struggle the world over. This is the class that gives a systematic method for learning about leadership in a mass movement, through theoretical work, practical organizing and working together and learning as a team. This course examines the different ways forward for the movement and strives to get students to draw conclusions about what will (and will not)



How to Enroll:

Enrollment is first come first serve. If you missed the first class, that's okay, just come to the 2nd one after memorial day.

Freshmen and Sophomores please register in the lower division course: 00602

Juniors and Seniors in the upper division course:00698

If you are waitlisted we will work with you

Course Contact: liana.mulholland AT


Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Robert Allen

Time & Location:

Lecture Section[?]
Matt Williams
40122 BarrowsM 5p-7p8/29started00602 (lower)
00698 (upper)

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