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Islamophobia In The West

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Fall 2011
History 98
1-2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The only goal of this course is simply to heighten the sense of empathy and cultural awareness among those who take it, and among the facilitators as well, through exposure to their peers' experiences. Although the course is focused on Islamophobia, this goal pertains to the wide spectrum of cultures and religions that exist today, not only Islam.

The course includes fantastic films, most of which are of the action and fiction genre, that will allow us to take a glimpse into religious integration in Western society; guest speakers, with expertise in the area of religious studies; and various informative discussion style lectures.

How to Enroll:

Course enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. Both I and Professor Doumani share a commitment in doing all that we can to ensure that those with a strong desire to enroll are allowed to enroll.

Although the course time is not yet up, it will be held Thursday evenings from 6-8PM.In order to enroll, please email and we will respond to your message with a course control number in a timely manner. From here, you just copy and paste the CCN into Telebears. Please use your email (calmail account) when emailing your intentions of enrollment.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact an instructor, again, using the email Thank you for your interest!

The Most Recent Updates Are Underlined

UPDATE: this course had checked in full, but we have dropped several students as a result of non-attendance and are welcoming those who show interest. Please do not hesitate to attend the next lecture. Email for the room location. 

UPDATE: Regardless of enrollment capacities and whether spots are available; which does vary as a result of drops, withdrawals, etc.; we are more than happy to allow anyone and everyone who would like to sit in on the discussions a seat so they may sit in. We may not be able to officially enroll you, but you can feel free to attend and participate.

UPDATE: The course has checked in full for some time and regardless we would not be permitted to enroll anyone this late, but the offer stands for all those who would like to sit in. However, if you do send an email inquiring as to what the room number is in order to attend, AGAIN, please use your (Calmail) account. Thank you for your consideration.

Course Contact: DeCal.Islamophobia AT

Faculty Sponsor: Beshara Doumani

Time & Location:

IslamophobiaArshia Najafi
20TBATh 6p-8p8/25full

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