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Berkeley in the Global Food System

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Spring 2011
ESPM 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Berkeley in the Global Food System 

DeCal Info:

The decal will meet on Tuesdays from 6-8pm in in 182 Dwinelle. First meeting Tuesday January 25th!

Course Description:

The course will analyze the social, economic, and environmental areas related to food and agriculture systems and explore contemporary issues and potential solutions to these problems.

Class meetings include film, field trip(s), discussion, and guest lectures with professors, experts, and leaders active in food security projects, urban agriculture, policy, business, and research.


Relevant articles coresponding to topics covered in class will be assigned weekly and available on bSpace to give context and added depth to lectures. A short 1 paragraph reading response will give students credit for completion. Readings are of reasonable length and an interesting mix of sources: peer-reviewed research, book exerpts, short essays, contemporary journalism. Class discussion of these readings are sure to be exciting and illuminating.

Mid-semester project: Students are to form groups and choose a project that can be featured as either a temporary or permanent exhibit in the Berkeley Student Food Collective storefront on 2440 Bancroft Way ( A project "wish list" requested by the Berkeley Student Food Collective's Education Committee will be provided, however students may create projects not listed upon approval of course facillitator. Some example projects would be a food map of CA locating the various food items available in the Food Collective; a photodocumentary article on one of the farms the Food Collective sources from; a visually-appealing informational board on a social/economic/environmental topic of food systems...the list goes on! The great thing about this project is that you can learn and apply knowledge of food systems and then have your work featured in the store and educate others.

When the course draws to a close, you are to submit a final 3-5 page double spaced reflection on your experience, what you learned, how the guest lectures, films, teaching, discussions, readings, or other component of the course added to your understanding of food systems, and how you will apply this knowledge in the future.

Class Attendance Policy:

Attend classes! Aside from it being well worth your while, the course is structured in such a way that each class meeting will address a very different piece to the expansive food system puzzle--and we will be joined by some really incredible guests throughout the term. 

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, students will 1) understand the various steps and stakeholders in each phase of food systems--from production and processing to distribution, consumption, and waste; 2) use knowledge gained in readings and lectures to think critically about the prospects, challenges, and benefits of alternative food system models and initiatives; 3) be familiar with terms like food security, food justice, and Urban Agriculture, and the class and ecological dimentions of food, 4) be familiar with student, policy and non-profit initiatives around the Bay and how to get involved.

**Important note: if you are returning to this page to read the course description, please note that the education outreach component of the course has been removed. Please see Yassi Eskandari if you are still interested in this program, as it is now situated within the Berkeley Student Food Collective, and not in the DeCal.


This is a DeCal of the Berkeley Student Food Collective--the student-run cooperative market located at 2440 Bancroft, across the street from Lower Sproul Plaza (Check us out! - Registration is OPEN to ALL, and in no way exclusive to Food Collective members alone.

How to Enroll:

First come, first served. Come to the first meeting on 1/25 at 6pm to get aquainted and receive your CCN to register! Lower division and upperdivision students are welcome.

Classes are held in 182 Dwinelle Tuesdays 6-8pm.

Course Contact: decal AT

Faculty Sponsor: Ignacio Chapela

Time & Location:

SectionBernadette Robison
40182 DwinelleTu 6p-8p1/25started

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