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The Music, Lyrics, and Art of Radiohead

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Fall 2010
Journalism 98/ 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Note: There are, unfortunately, no more spots available. All the CCNs for this class have been distributed and there are no more available seats. However, this class is taught every semester, so you are more than welcome to come find us in the Spring, 2011!

And, of course, we will never turn away people who want to come audit the class.

The Radiohead DECal class brings life-long diehard fans of the band together with those who discovered Radiohead recently, all for the purpose of discussing the band's music, lyrics, videos, and live performances over their almost 20-year long history, as well as study the impact the band has made in music, politics, literature, and pop culture in general. As we are now a part of the Journalism department, be prepared to do some analytical work on all aspects of the band’s artistic talents.

You will be required to complete 5 short written homework assignments, 1 final project, and regularly attend class. Though participating in discussions is not a harshly-graded part of your final grade, it is a foundation of the class and is required for the class to function. We love talking, but want you to join in on the discussion too!

You must attend the first class in order to receive the course control numbers! Your absence will result in you being dropped from enrollment.

Knowledge of the band's earlier music (i.e. Pablo Honey, The Bends, and so forth) is certainly beneficial, but any new fans with open minds and eager hearts to learn are welcomed and appreciated!

How to Enroll:

Email Maxime, one of the facilitators, at with the following information:

-Top 3 Favorite Radiohead songs (we know this is difficult!)
-Are you taking this class lower division (freshman, sophomores) or upper division (juniors, seniors, transfers)?

In response, you will receive a confirmation email (may take a couple of days, but don’t worry!). The CCN's for TeleBears class registration will be given at the first class meeting.

Course Contact: maximestinnett AT, tbill AT, theheadofradio AT

Faculty Sponsor: Rob Gunnison

Time & Location:

Travis Bill
Maxime Stinnett
402030 VLSBM 6p-8p8/30full

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