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Introduction to Wine

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Spring 2010
Nutri Sci 198
1 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Students will learn about wine’s rich history and discover its many cultural impacts.

This 10-week course will answer questions like:

gt;What is wine?


How is wine made?

How has wine developed of the years?

How is wine paired with food?

What is proper wine ettiquette and tasting technique?


*Of course, no students will be required to eat or drink anything...

BUT, if you are looking to channel your wine enthusiasm, hone your wine snobbery, or simply expand your wine horizons, there will be plenty of opportunity for hands on (rather, taste buds-on) experience. In short: this is the class for you!

Basic info about the course:


  • Class will meet Wednesdays 5:30-7:00 pm in 206 Wheeler
  • First class will be Wed. Feb 3
  • Because we are covering so much in so little time, every lesson counts. This means students are only allowed to miss one class. 
  • Make up assignments for extra absences will be assigned if needed



How to Enroll:

***Due to the nature of the course and the availability of alcohol, no students will be enrolled without proof that they are of legal drinking age. 


If you are interested, please email us your 

name, age, major, and what you hope to learn in this class.

This does not guarantee you enrollments as CCNs will be distributed after the first meeting, but students will be given priority in the order they send emails of intent. 

PLEASE do not forget to bring ID to the first meeting, or you will not be admitted into the course, as we are limited to 15 students.


See you soon!


Course Contact: nayerman AT

Faculty Sponsor: Joseph Napoli

Time & Location:

Wine Time![?]
Julia Nayerman
15206 WheelerW 5:30p-7p2/03full

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