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Issues and Trends of Business in China

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Spring 2010
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About the Course:



We are aiming to motivate students to gain familiarization with the currant Chinese business practice through understanding Chinese culture and language in historical and contemporary society.   We also want to foster an interest in exploring Chinese business market through providing a broad understanding of the current Chinese business environment and introducing emerging market sectors.

There will be weekly response papers designed to highlight the key ideas discussed in class and to encourage new thoughts. Students may drop up to 2 assignments at the end of the semester. There will NOT be any midterms or finals in this class. However, students are required to do a group presentation during the semester. We will split up the whole class into groups with 4 to 5 students. There will be one short class presentation conducted by one group each week. Our goal is to encourage students to share their own ideas and perspectives. 


How to Enroll:

If you are interested, please email the course facilitators for individual class entry code. Due to the high inquiries we have received about our class, we highly encourage students to write some paragraphs explaining the reason of your interest in their emails. We plan to take around 20 students into our class.  

Course Contact: yingliu AT

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