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Issues Berkeley Medical Journal

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Spring 2010
MCB 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:


Welcome to Issues: Berkeley Medical Journal (MCB 98/198), a student-run medical journal at the University of California, Berkeley. This one-unit (P/NP) course is designed to supplement the education of journalism and pre-health students at UC Berkeley and is therefore geared toward two important goals:

  • Successfully publish an undergraduate medical journal, which explores the current biomedical, political, and ethical issues of the health professions
  • Introduce students to journalism and current health topics gt;


How to Enroll:

Enroll or waitlist prior to first class. 

MCB 98: 57901

MCB 198: 59188

Course Contact: issuesbmj AT

Faculty Sponsor: Firestone

Time & Location:

All StudentsNeel Iyer
satveet khela
4020 WheelerMon 6-7pm2/01started

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