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Beginner's Scrabble

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Spring 2010
Math 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

This course is intended to introduce students to the strategic side of Scrabble while maintaining its recreational aspect. Subject will include anagramming, useful vocabulary, board vision, and some competitive play.

Each class will consist of a lecture followed by a game of scrabble. During this time, the facilitator and TAs will individually help students use new strategies.

This class focuses on the strategies involving the standard 15x15 Scrabble board arrangement. Acceptable: original, Deluxe edition, and Folio edition. Be sure that you has access to the correct board. Students are expected to always bring their standard 15x15 Scrabble boards to class. The following are NOT suitable substitutes: electronic devices, Scrabble Junior, Express Scrabble, and Super Scrabble. If you are unsure if your board is acceptable, email me.

Further details are explained in the syllabus.

How to Enroll:

Students interested in enrolling in this DeCal should show up for the first day of class. There will be a brief survey (name, contact info, etc.), and CECs will be emailed out after. If you can not make it to the first day of class, email me at

If you have a dire need of the units, please consider enrolling in "backup" courses just in case there are not enough available seats in this class.

Class will be held Mondays 5-7pm in 100 Wheeler, starting February 8th.

As of February 9th, enrollment is closed. Please try next semester.

- Andrew Peng, Jake Kay (cofacilitators)

Course Contact: calscrabble AT

Faculty Sponsor: Richard E Borcherds

Time & Location:

Jakob Karstens
50100 WheelerM 5p-7p2/08full

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