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Sustainable Development in Rural Guatemala - Turning Plans into Actions

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Spring 2010
IAS 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Research & Volunteer in Guatemala this Summer!!

Volunteers Around the World (VAW) provides medical, educational, and technological services to rural Guatemala. Last summer, we went to Guatemala to conduct public health surveys, provide assistance in community classrooms, and construct slow sand filters for producing safe drinking water.

Join us and/or enroll in our DeCal IAS98/198 001 to prepare for our 2010 Summer Safe Drinking Water and Food Security Project!

Premed, engineering, education, and international studies majors are welcome!

We will be having two groups - safe drinking water project and food security project.


Safe drinking water project - for the summer, we will be installing slow sand filtration system to the rural Guatemalan community. You will be researching from how to make them to planning on how to reach to the most rural part of Guatemala to show the people how to build one.


Food Security Project - we will be using square-feet gardening technique to help those living in the mountains who have very limited variety of food available to them. You will be designing square-feet gardens, researching for recommended food types, to planning educational seminars for the people to spread the word!

Summer: The Guatemala trip in the summer is open to everyone who is interested and able to.

Leadership positions available.

Note: this is a DeCal and also a club - and that's why there are leadership positions available; interviews will be taken after info session on February 1st, 4pm, 254 Dwinelle (please email us at if you’re interested in applying for any leadership position)

How to Enroll:

We will have our first decal meeting on February 1st. You can either come to the decal first then decide to enroll or you can enroll first - though registration runs on a first come first served basis.


For enrolling:

IAS 98 (Lower Division Students) ccn: 46423.

IAS 198 (Upper Division Students) ccn: 46498. units enrolled = 2 units.

note: both sections are currently full - but please put yourself onto the waiting list as we expect people may drop after the first class


We can't wait to see you on Feb. 1st!! It is very exciting to see so many young people who are interested in helping others!!


Course Contact: tsung_mou AT

Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Clare Talwalker, PhD

Time & Location:

Section 1Tsung Mou
25254 DWINELLEM 4p-6p2/01started

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