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Internet Marketing

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Spring 2010
UGBA 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:



2062 Valley Life Science Building




Course Overview

Internet marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry that has become an increasingly popular career choice for many recent graduates. Many of these internet marketers work independently, meaning they are able to work from their own home and set their own hours. This course equips students with a broad understanding of internet marketing strategies and techniques. Students will be able to physically implement strategies taught in this course through a combination of traditional lecture and hands-on assignments.




 There are no academic prerequisites for this course. Students are expected to have a desire to learn about internet marketing.


Course Requirements


·         Students will be expected to read articles posted on the class website. Articles for the following week will be posted on the website each Friday.

·         Readings will draw from a number of selected articles and case studies that coincide with the articles to be discussed during class.


Homework Assignments

·         Students will receive assignments that ask them to draw on their learning and apply it to real, online websites or scenarios. Each assignment will be approximately 2 paragraphs.

·         Homework assignments will cover material discussed in class. Each assignment will be due at the following class meeting.

·         Grading:

o   Each assignment is worth 10 points

o   Five assignments for a total of 50 points


·         1 absence is permitted without make-up

·         For each additional absence, students must write a 1-page double-spaced brief on an article that relates to topics discussed in class. Failure to complete the assignment after missing class will result in a 10 point deduction from the final grade.

·         A student can only complete two make-up assignments per semester. (no more than three absences will be acceptable during the semester)

Final Paper

·         The final paper will be 2-3 pages double-spaced.

·         The paper will be worth 50 points, which is 50% of your grade.

·         Final Paper must be emailed to by 2pm on April 30th.

·         Late papers lose 10 points for each day late (including April 30th if after 2pm).

Final Grades

·         Final grades are based on a cumulative 100 points for the course.

o   50 points from 5 assignments

o   50 points from final paper

·         Final grades of less than 70 points will result in a non-passing grade.




How to Enroll:


You must attend the first class meeting on January 26th in order to enroll in the class. The class is expected to be approximately 30 students. If more than 30 students wish to take the class we will have a short application for you to fill out at the first class. Students who qualify will be emailed CCN after class.


Course Contact: contact AT


Faculty Sponsor: Bill Fanning

Time & Location:

ClassWill Cole
Andrey Lukatsky
302062 VLSBTu 4p-6p1/26full

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