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History, Culture and Practice of SALSA DANCE

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Spring 2010
Sociology 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Each session of this one-unit course will include two parts:

1. We will explore the cultural, historical, and social underpinnings of partnered dance. This will include short lectures and discussions, and watching films (e.g. Dirty Dancing). Students will learn about a variety of topics related to dance as medium for social interaction between individuals and groups of people. 

2. Dance! The dance instruction part of each class will be a series, taught by experienced dancers, intended to introduce beginners who have no previous dance experience to Salsa and other social dances. No partner is necessary.

At the end of the course, students can expect to be both competent at dancing Salsa and knowledgeable about its place in society.

How to Enroll:

In the past, enrollment in this class has been extremely impacted. You must show up on the first day of class in order to enroll. You will be given a questionnaire with a few short essay questions. From there we will select the students who we feel are a good fit for the course, and then put them in a lottery for the final selections.

If you are interested in learning Salsa and other social dances outside of our DeCal, please consider joining the mailing list of our student group, the Social Ballroom Club, by emailing Other great places to learn dance include Lindy on Sproul (, Berkeley Ballroom (, and the YWCA (

Course Contact: berkeleysbc AT

Faculty Sponsor: Mary Kelsey

Time & Location:

Kevin Zhang
20234 DwinelleM 7p-9p1/25full

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