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API Mythbusters

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Spring 2010
Asian American Studies 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This course is only a "quick dip into the water," as it will explore a plethora of topics. Once you've been exposed to these issues, you'll find that this course also provides a variety of opportunities to apply and immerse into the affected community.

Within the API (Asian Pacific Islander) community, there are many issues that are misconceived and overlooked that continue to fuel social injustices such as racism and stereotypes. In fact, this doesn't occur for just the API community, but other ethnic groups as well, this course however, will focus especially on issues directly affecting the API community.

The grading of the course is fairly simple and requires a good amount of participation. Further information is provided with the attached syllabus.

There are no texts required, but recommended. Most of these texts will be provided prior or following a DeCal session.

Coffee & Dialogue hours will also be available, which will be announced and posted soon.

How to Enroll:

Everyone is welcome! "Everyone" can range from those who've taken 10 Ethnic Studies related courses to those who've taken none. You may be very familiar with the material discussed, and the overlooked topics are not so overlooked for you at all; if that is the case, come to share your knowledge and insight. Or, you may not even have known there were overlooked topics in the Asian Pacific Islander community; if so, broaden your knowledge and and share your experience. Also, even if you do not identify API, in perspective, these issues are influenced by interactions between multiple groups, and can even apply to your own community.

There is a possibility we will have to cap the amount of students, depending on the logistics of location and course control numbers. Further information will be provided soon.

Sharing knowledge and meaningful dialogue has no prerequisites, only conviction and commitment.

Email any of us for questions, add us on facebook, and meet us at REACH! meetings. See you soon!

Course Contact: yenvu AT; diayang AT; glendie AT


Faculty Sponsor: Michael Omi

Time & Location:

section 6Glendie Domingo
Yen Vu
Dia Yang
25179 DwinelleTh 5p-7p1/28started

Uploaded Files:

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