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Introduction to Investment Banking

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Spring 2010
Economics 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The Introduction to Investment Banking decal is a 2-unit course taught by alumni in industry, MBAs, and a visiting scholar. The course will cover valuation, present an overview of financial instruments, and conclude with a final case presentation.

Lecturers include:
Marian Moszoro, visiting scholar, former Undersecretary of State and Deputy Minister of Finance of Poland, former Chairman of the Board of Bank BGK
Sam Snyder, MBA Candidate '11, former Senior Analyst at Renaissance Capital
Begna Gebreyes, MBA Candidate '11, former Associate Director at CapitalSource Finance
Theo Kwon, Wharton BS '05, Associate at Weston Presidio
Jason Xu, BS '07, former Analyst at Citi
Sundeep Chanana, BS '04, Senior Associate at Sagent Advisors
and more...


How to Enroll:

The course meets Saturdays from 10AM to 12PM to accommodate the work schedule of our instructors in industry. The first class is on January 30th. You can find a complete syllabus at or Applicants should send a resume and short cover email to by midnight on Sunday, January 24th. Please direct any questions to the facilitators at and

Course Contact: resumedrop AT


Faculty Sponsor: Roger Craine

Time & Location:

SectionRakesh (Rocky) Chanana
JueYan Zhang
30TBASat 10am-12pm1/30started

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