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Stem Cells: Outreach & Education

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Spring 2010
IB 98/198
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About the Course:

Though stem cell research is a vital component of current scientific research on disease, aging, and pharmaceutical development, many high school students in California are uninformed or misinformed on the basic science and ethical issues surrounding this topic. Formed three years ago, the Stem Cell Education Outreach Program is working to bridge the gap between academia and the general public, specifically high school students, on the topics of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. This program has produced and tested multiple PowerPoint presentations on the fundamentals of in vivo/in vitro fertilization and development, Multipotent/Pluripotent/Totipotent stem cell biology, role of the stem cell microenvironment, cloning, induced Pluripotent Stem cells, cell-based therapies and advances in clinical research, drug testing and delivery, stem cell culture techniques, building synthetic surfaces to promote proliferation or differentiation, and other topics. Each presentation is full of visuals and videos that help make stem cells interesting to high school students as well as a script with precise wording designed to make presenting easier and interactive. You will not have to memorize the script, but by the time you present you should be familiar enough with it so you can frequently look at and engage with the student audience. Experience in public speaking is not a prerequisite; in fact, a major goal of this program is to train budding scientists to communicate difficult scientific concepts with a lay audience.


This course offers members of the Stem Cell Education Outreach Program and new participants the option to receive credit for their participation, as well as expand their knowledge on current stem cell topics and pedagogy. Students will not only give existing presentations to Bay Area high school classes, but will also work to develop their public speaking abilities, expand their PowerPoint presentation making capabilities, and learn the importance of maintaining a discourse between academia and the general public.

How to Enroll:

Pre- Requistes:

At least one of the following:

  - Completed the “Stem Cells: Science and Society” DeCal

- Bio1ogy 1A

- BioE 113 (“Stem Cells and Technologies,” Irina Conboy)

- BioE C218/MCB C237 (“Stem Cells and Directed Organogenesis,” Irina Conboy)

- Upper division life sciences major with knowledge of cell biology

- Graduate student (any discipline) researching stem cells

            - Previous involvement in Stem Cell Education Outreach Program

            - Instructor approval (special circumstance)

This course is limited to 20 students.

If you are interested in joining please email either or for the CCN.

Course Contact: airace AT

Faculty Sponsor: Daniela Kaufer

Time & Location:

Alexandra Race
20251 DWINELLEW 6p-8p2/03started

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