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Bear Necessities of Research

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Spring 2010
Physics 98/198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The goal of the decal is to introduce the students to the research that professors, graduates, and undergraduates at Cal are currently conducting, as well as provide them with tips for securing their own research position. We invite professors and researchers from a variety of fields so as to give students an idea of the broad range of research that is available. Ultimately, we hope to encourage students to pursue their own research or give them the resources to secure a research position with a faculty member. This class provides professional development in terms of research, teaching and informing students on how to get involved, starting their own projects, approaching professors, etc. The class will include lectures given by professors and students as well as a field trip to a research facility. The Bear Necessities of Research DeCal is ASUC-sponsored. -3 homework assignments -no papers -no exams -attendance is mandatory (only 2 unexcused absences)

How to Enroll:

All undergards are welcome to join!

Course Contact: adrianaponce AT, pamelaliu AT, AT

Faculty Sponsor: Bob Jacobsen

Time & Location:

Pamela Liu
Adriana Ponce
40160 DwinelleW 4p-5:30p1/27started

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