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Create Education Initiatives in Afghanistan

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Spring 2010
PACS 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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community service /
field work course

About the Course:

This service-learning course will facilitate mutual mentorship between UC Berkeley students and Afghan students at Mir Batcha Kot Elementary School and Bam Saray High School. Students in Afghanistan will propose possible projects for the students of this course to develop and implement. As a branch of Roots of Peace, Roots for Tomorrow will assist in implementing these student-led initiatives. The projects will be focused on promoting and furthering education by developing solutions to the barriers to education in Afghanistan. Students will be presented with an overview of pertinent information that will assist them to contextualize their initiatives. The goal of this course is to inspire viable student-led initiatives created and implemented by both U.S. and Afghan students—creating transnational peacebuilding programs. The class will be divided into 5 unites: 1) Introduction to Service Learning and Roots for Tomorrow, 2) Historical and Cultural Context of Afghanistan, 3) Cultural and Social Context of Afghanistan, 4) Peacebuilding Initiative Case Studies, and 5) Special Topics in Current Afghanistan.  


How to Enroll:

We are looking for students who will be dedicated to creating proposals that can be implemented.  Though students will not have the opportunity to go to Afghanistan to personally implement these projects, Roots for Tomorrow plans to adopt the viable proposals and work to implement them following the completion of the course unless students have other plans for implementing the proposals on their own. The course will not involve a heavy amount of work, but we would like the students to be interested and engaged in the topic and the course, and to take the proposals seriously.  

The DeCal is listed under both PACS 98 and 198. Come to class or email Sarah to get a class entry code. 

Course Contact: s.porter AT

Faculty Sponsor: Jerry Sanders

Time & Location:

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Sarah Porter
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