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Chemistry of Cooking

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Spring 2010
Chem 98
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Class Purpose:
Cooking is the oldest, most widespread, and most applicable form of chemical research. This decal is designed to be a hands-on look at applied chemistry as seen in cooking. We will do some cooking experiments to illustrate chemical principles.

1. Develop and understanding of how individual food components contributes to the overall quality of foods.
2. Achieve an understanding of the chemical changes that take place with food components.
3. Recognize reactions and mechanisms that are important in food chemistry.
4. Enjoy the benefits as you are satiated with delicious food.

This is a pass/not pass, 2-unit seminar (1.5 hour of class and ~3 hours of hands on cooking and homework per week). This DeCal is designed to look at cooking from a scientific basis. Each week you will perform an edible experiment in groups and look at the science behind how it all works. We will examine chemical, biological, microbiological, and physical principles using methods ranging from interactive lectures to class discussions.


How to Enroll:

The completion of Chem 3a is a requirement to take this course.

The application is here:

First day of class is Jan 21 were 30 students will be chosen randomly. If you are chosen don't show up your spot will be given to someone on the waitlist.

The class roster and waitlist will be posted on the course website on Jan 20. Applications will be closed Jan 18 at 12AM.




Course Contact: kitchenchemdecal AT


Faculty Sponsor: Matthew Francis

Time & Location:

Chem 98Eunice Lee
30B56 HildebrandTh 6p-7:30p1/21full

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