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PACE: Prepare to Achieve a College Education

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Spring 2010
PMB 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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community service /
field work course

About the Course:

*** we would really like to encourage a diverrse group of students to sign up, and would especially like to encourage junior transfer students!!


but most importantly, our only requirement is that you care about encouraging high school students to continue on to college!!

Please use the CCN below and come to our first class on Thursday, January 27, 5-7 in 88 Dwinelle.

(We will continue to admit students until the class is full, or until the add/drop deadline).


PACE is an outreach group started in Fall 2003 by several students on the Berkeley campus to combat the problem of the low enrollment of underrepresented and underprivileged students at UC Berkeley and to promote higher education in general.  Through outreach, PACE has served several Oakland high schools including Life Academy, Castlemont High and currently Bay Tech, Oakland International High, and Berkeley High.  Student participation in PACE has helped us to continue to support these schools and to prepare their students to achieve a college education.   



Throughout the semester, students in the program will get a chance to make a difference in how high school students view higher education.  Our main objective is to be active in the high schools we outreach to and to provide them with presentations, workshops, and information their students need to make well-informed decisions about college.  As a group, we will have in-class activities that will strengthen your skills as presenters, mentors, and UC Berkeley students.  Be prepared to make public speaking as natural as talking to your friends.  We will work together to prepare you for your outreaches. We will also develop a better understanding of the education system in the local schools and the problems that we will face in the future.  During this process, it is also the purpose of PACE to cultivate the minds of PACE students in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the disparities in the U.S. educational structures, including current educational issues.



How to Enroll:

First come first served.


LOCATION: 88 Dwinelle


PMB 98/198

(We are listed as PMB because our faculty sponsor is from the PMB department)


98: 71134

198: 71137



5-6 is devoted to class time/discussion.

6-7 is scheduled for organizing outreaches and officer meetings.

Course Contact: JnnLFrench AT, gronsbellj AT

Faculty Sponsor: Robert Fischer

Time & Location:

1Jennifer French
Jesse Gronsbell
4088 DwinelleTh 5p-7p1/28started

Uploaded Files:

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