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Psychology Publications Workshop

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Spring 2010
Psychology 98 / 198
1 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

Are you intrigued by psychology or passionate about undergraduate research?  Are you interested in learning to create an exceptional academic publication? Would you like to know more about the work of fellow undergraduate researchers?

If you said yes to any of those questions, this is your opportunity!

In the Psychology Publications Workshop DeCal, you’ll play a pivotal part in producing Psychology at Berkeley, a peer-reviewed and edited research journal enabling undergraduate students to publish their work in psychology-related fields. You’ll also be involved in the making of “
Get Psyched!” – the undergraduate guide for psychology students at Berkeley.

As part of the team of students responsible for creating the psychology department’s most exciting publications, you’ll participate in all steps of the process – from writing articles to reading and reviewing student submissions and working one-on-one with student authors to prepare their work for publication. It’s an incredibly fun, rewarding, and educational experience!

Course Description

The psychology publications workshop encourages undergraduate participation in the broader academic community by promoting sophisticated undergraduate research and active involvement with other aspiring undergraduate researchers. Students gain insight and skill in critical reading of research articles, a strong foundation in and familiarity with APA style, and considerable experience evaluating and editing psychological research articles—with a special focus on the original research of their peers. The seminar format allows for group collaboration and discussion, providing an environment that facilitates research-oriented cooperation and conversation among the next generation of psychological theorists and researchers.

Program Goals

Create an open forum to encourage discussion of and constructive feedback on undergraduate research and promote involvement in research-related events and scholarly opportunities. Provide undergraduates with hands-on experience and guidance in developing critical skills in reading, evaluating, and producing professional-level psychological research articles. Present undergraduates with the tools to discuss and disseminate findings to their peers on local, regional, and national levels.

How to Enroll:

The course is open to everyone with an interest in learning about psychology and/or research publications – you don’t need to be a psych major or have any previous journalism experience. Enrollment will be limited to 20 (or less), and determined based on enthusiasm and commitment. So don’t worry, if you really want to get involved, you’ll almost definitely be able to.


Course Contact: abc AT


Faculty Sponsor: Professor Richard Ivry

Time & Location:

Workshop 1Alex Carstensen
Polly Chen
20212 Wheeler (Microcomputer Facility)W 6p-8p1/20started

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: Syllabus.docJan 1958kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download
Course Material: Schedule.docJan 1943kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download
Course Material: Meeting 5 - APA style and how to read a research article.PDFFeb 24414kbAdobe PDF (Viewer)View Download
Course Material: Meeting 9 - Basic Elements of APA Style.docMar 3126kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download
Course Material: Meeting 9 - Citations & References.docMar 3128kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download
Course Material: Meeting 9 - Big Picture Editing Checklist.docMar 3128kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download

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