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Web Design: Basic to Advanced Techniques

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Spring 2010
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This course is a 14-week, one hour per week, introduction to web design. Students will learn the basics of website design, building, and deployment through hands-on discussions, labs, and projects. The course focuses mainly on HTML and CSS, although students will interact with JavaScript, MySQL and PHP frameworks throughout the semester as well. Coding and design will be done with Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

By the end of this course, students will have the knowledge to build compact, compatible, dynamic, and interactive websites that meet established web standards. Students will also feel comfortable deploying their websites on remote servers via FTP.


Prerequisites / Software Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course. Any programming or previous web experience will be helpful but is not required. However, this course will be taught assuming students are comfortable interacting with existing websites via a modern browser.

There are no software requirements for students who wish to use lab computers. Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4, and a FTP client will be required for students who wish to work on their personal computers; otherwise the lab computers will already have the software suite installed. The lab is reserved for the decal from 7-9pm, where 8-9pm is optional lab time for students to work on decal related material.


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How to Enroll:

Sorry, this course is now full. Thank you to all who have expressed interest in taking this course. No CCNs have been given out yet, but because of the overwhelming response we're no longer taking applicants. Those that have emailed us and received an email confirmation asking them to fill out an application should do so. Students who submitted an application and are selected will then receive another email asking them to attend the first day of lecture. From those that show up on the first day, applicants will be processed in the order of their confirmation emails. If you did not fill out an application AND receive an email inviting you to attend the first day, please do not show up. The room has a very limited capacity.

First come, first served. Please email me with '[Web Design Decal]' in the subject expressing your intention to enroll and attend the first class to receive the course CCN. Enrollment will be processed in order of email reservations and on the basis of attendance to the first class January 26, 2010 at 200 Sutardja-Dai Hall.

Course Contact: ahlwong AT


Faculty Sponsor: Professor Michael Franklin

Time & Location:

only sectionAlexander Wong
40200 Sutardja Dai HallTu 7p-8p1/26full

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