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Cal Concrete Canoe Competition Team

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Fall 2009
Civil and Environmental Engineering 98 / 198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Every year, a group of students create, race, and present a canoe made out of concrete (Yes, it floats!).  This past summer, Berkeley won its first National Championship in 17 years.  We plan on continuing the trend, and need your help!

This DeCal allows newcomers to learn all aspects of our team.  We have both technical and non-technical elements that you will learn about, including:

  • Innovative Concrete 
  • Sustainable Materials and Practices
  • Structural Analysis via SAP2000
  • Construction
  • Graphics Design
  • Paddling for Races
In addition to learning about these topics, there will be a supplementing lab to give you hands-on experience in our technical department.  You will have the option of which lab you would like to attend, depending on interest:
  • Concrete Lab - learn about how our concrete floats and work on the actual concrete used to make the canoe
  • Structural Analysis Lab - use professional computer software to analyze the canoe and determine what stresses it will experience in races 

Join Canoe, contribute to the team, learn something, compete with other universities, and have fun! 

How to Enroll:

The DeCal begins Monday, September 14th in 502 Davis Hall.  It is from 4-5pm.  

You will have the option of choosing which lab you would like to attend.

Concrete Lab

  • Fridays
  • 11am-12pm or 12pm-1pm
  • Davis Hall 2nd Floor Concrete Lab

Structural Analysis Lab

  • Thursdays
  • 5-6pm
  • Davis Hall 3rd Floor Computer Lab 
For students who have a time conflict with either of the labs, please contact us directly via email if you would still like to participate in the team.

Course Contact: calconcretecanoe AT, willnguyen AT


Time & Location:

DeCalWill Nguyen
502 Davis HallM 4-5pm9/14full

Uploaded Files:

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