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Berkeley Engineering: The Survival Guide

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Fall 2009
Engineering 98
1 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Have us tell you everything we wish we knew as engineering freshmen! E98 is a one-unit decal taught by Cal engineers to equip freshman with everything they need to succeed at Cal. Have fun, meet friends, and gear up for your engineering future in this course better known as "Surviving Berkeley Engineering."

How to Enroll:

Please join any open section.

Course Contact: ebby AT


Time & Location:

Sec. 1Ebby Amirebrahimi
2045 EvansTu 2-3full27927 (lower)
— (upper)
Sec. 10Ebby Amirebrahimi
20B51 HildebrandTh 4-5full27607 (lower)
— (upper)
Sec. 2Ebby Amirebrahimi
20B51 HildebrandTu 5-69/01started27610 (lower)
— (upper)
Sec. 3Ebby Amirebrahimi
20122 LatimerW 2-3open27939 (lower)
— (upper)
Sec. 4Ebby Amirebrahimi
2047 EVANSW 3-4open27942 (lower)
— (upper)
Sec. 5Ebby Amirebrahimi
2078 BarrowsW 4-5open27948 (lower)
— (upper)
Sec. 6Ebby Amirebrahimi
2061 EVANSTh 2-3full
Sec. 7Ebby Amirebrahimi
2061 EvansTh 3-4full27600 (lower)
— (upper)
Sec. 8Ebby Amirebrahimi
20B51 HildebrandTh 4-5open27601 (lower)
— (upper)
Sec. 9Ebby Amirebrahimi
2035 EvansTh 4-5open27604 (lower)
— (upper)

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