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Haifeng Chinese Magazine

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Fall 2009
Asian American Studies 98/198
1-2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

The HaiFeng Magazine was founded by UC Berkeley students in 2004 as a nonprofit publishing group first known as The Tea House Magazine.  The goals of our magazine team are to provide Berkeley Chinese students with a platform to voice their opinions on issues relating to Chinese students overseas, and to create a stage for writers, Chinese or Non-Chinese students who are interested in Chinese literature, to exhibit their talents in Chinese literature.

Starting Fall 06, the magazine was renamed HaiFeng.  As our first new issue was published in early October 2006, HaiFeng Magazine has officially become the magazine for Chinese oversea students across the globe, with readers from most of major universities around the world.  While retaining its base in Berkeley, HaiFeng Magazine aims to bring critical issues in the oversea Chinese student community to readers’ attention and thus initiates debate and discussion within the Chinese student community; in addition, HaiFeng also seeks to promote inter-campus communications to introduce different campus cultures to our readers.

The HaiFeng Magazine DeCal course seeks to carry out the mission of our magazine team, and provides class participants the opportunity to learn about magazine production process including editing, design, marketing, etc.  Each student will participate in one of the three committees (Editorial, Design, and Production); all students as a team will produce two full issues of HaiFeng Magazine over the course of the semester.

How to Enroll:

CCN's will be given out after the first class session.

Course Contact: zhang_amy AT, w_zhang AT


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Sec. 1Chanel Mengyuan Li
223 DwinelleM 6-89/14started

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