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Current Crises in Global Health: From Infectious Disease to Maternal Health

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Fall 2009
MCB 98/198
1 Unit(s)



About the Course:

The purpose of this course is to investigate current global health issues in industrialized and developing nations. The course will meet once a week in the evening for 50 minutes, and will be worth one unit. The course will educate students on a wide range of unsolved global health challenges including maternal healthcare, malnutrition, water contamination and shortage, infectious diseases, access to essential medicine, and many others. From these various problems we will investigate not only the biological effects on the individual, but also the social and cultural impact on society.

As part of our vision, we hope that the course builds a forum-like atmosphere where Berkeley students and faculty may connect with each other to identify and come up with feasible solutions for the challenges of global health. This will be achieved through lectures given by the facilitators and knowledgeable guest speakers, regular discussion, and documentary viewing. To ease and enhance discussion, we will maintain a small class of roughly 30-40 students to create an intimate atmosphere. There will be short readings provided, which are designed to complement the topics covered. Students will be given the opportunity to discuss these global health issues in the classroom as well as explore further into these problems as part of their final group presentation assignment. At the end of the course students will be provided with information on programs that allow them to volunteer and participate (both locally and abroad) in organizations working to find real solutions to the many problems we will discuss. The main goal is to provide a foundation of knowledge that will allow students to remain actively engaged in improving international health conditions.

How to Enroll:


6 pm to 7 pm

100 Wheeler

CCN will be provide in class

First class will be on Wed. 9/2

Course Contact: ghadmin AT, guowt1005 AT

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. P. Robert Beatty, PhD

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