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Big Ideas on the Progressive Public Policy Landscape

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Fall 2009
Public Policy 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:



What is progressive public policy and what are progressive political issues?  What policy problems can we identify right here in Berkeley and what can students like us realistically do to help? This class is intended to give students an overview of current topics on the progressive public policy landscape, with topics varying from environmental, technological and education policy to how to frame and discuss politics in a progressive way. This class functions as the UC Berkeley chapter of the nation's first and only student-run think tank, The Roosevelt Institution, and so students will learn how they can utilize this organization as a vehicle to get their progressive public policy ideas into the hands of actual policy makers.       


Weekly guest lecturers from various departments and organizations around Berkeley will discuss key policy issues, and in addition to class discussions, students will work together to collaboratively produce policy pieces. This class will aid students in thinking critically about current policy issues, facilitate debate and discussion, and help organize, produce and promote student work.

How to Enroll:

Enrollment is limited to 40 students, both upper and lower divisions. Please print and fill out attached application and bring to the first day of class. At that time the CCN will be provided. (Application will also be available the first day of class) 

Do not hesitate to email with any questions or concerns.  

 **Classroom Location: 123 Wheeler***

Course Contact: roosevelt.berkeley AT


Faculty Sponsor: Professor Michael O'Hare

Time & Location:

123 WheelerW 6-89/09started

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