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DeCal Internship

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Fall 2009
Education 98/198
1-2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

The DeCal (short for Democratic Education at Cal) Program is one of Cal's largest student-run organizations, with over 150 facilitators and 3000 students participating in DeCal courses each semester.

The DeCal internship allows you to join the student board that helps maintain this amazing program. As an intern, you can join in the numerous projects run each semester (or even start one of your own!). No previous experience with DeCal is required.

New interns can choose to take the internship for units (1-2) or join the Board as a volunteer.

Here's what you will gain by joining the DeCal Board:

  • Strong leadership skills: Through better understanding of the dynamics of group learning environments and the connection between learning and society, which are central areas of thoughts in DeCal’s philosophy, you will gain the confidence and ability to lead and work in groups.
  • New friends and peers with a unique perspective: DeCal facilitators are among the top students on campus. We also regularly have contacts with people outside of Berkeley’s community. Just last year, student and campus representatives from UC Santa Cruz, UPenn and UCLA met with us to discuss their version of Dem. Ed in their respective universities. Other people we meet with regularly are top people in their fields and are very understanding of the need to provide quality opportunities to people our age.
  • Academic credit for your work: DeCal Board members receive 0-4 units of credit for their work with DeCal. It is an enormously powerful leadership opportunity.
  • Responsibility in a major non-profit organization: DeCal is the largest student-run educational organization in the country, with over 1,000 students enrolled in classes and between 120 to 150 classes each semester.
  • An understanding of the factors that underly historical movements for social change: On the DeCal Board, we believe that students have great power when they come together. History of social change on the Berkeley campus has shown what a powerful force for change students can be.
  • The ability to create your own projects: Because of the breadth of the organization, there is a lot of opportunity for you be creative. In DeCal you can leverage your talents to help improve the student experience at Berkeley and  contribute to changing the overall perception of education on a national level.

Created by students, the DeCal Board is really accommodating so that you can have a great time while learning and performing a lot of high-quality and meaningful work.

How to Enroll:

Applications are no longer being accepted for the Fall 2009 internship. Please check back in the Spring!

Course Contact: decalprogram AT

Faculty Sponsor: John Hurst

Time & Location:

InternshipDeCal Program
TBATTh 5-6full

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