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Stem Cells: Science and Society

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Fall 2009
BioE 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

Stem cell research, cloning, longevity research, and bioengineering have become some of the most hotly debated topics in recent years. Many believe the cures to most diseases lie in such research, while others cringe at the thought of a world where biotechnology has run amok. This class will take you on an eye-opening and tech-savvy journey deep inside the stem cell and biotech revolution, revealing the scientists, philosophers, and advocates at the forefront of their controversial fields. At the same time, you will also be challenged to think about the social, political, and even spiritual implications of this uncharted scientific frontier.

As a result of this course, you will have a basic understanding of the science behind stem cell research, its applications and potential, and its social implications. We hope you will have enough knowledge on this subject to be able to, during and after your completion of this course, understand and participate in stem cell activities on campus and be informed about the political stances surrounding this developing field.

How to Enroll:

This course has two parts, a lecture portion and a discussion portion, each worth 1 unit. They have separate CCNs; however both components are required to pass the course. You cannot take this decal for 1 unit.

Please make sure to sign up for the correct course in telebears—there is both a lower division 98 (fresh, soph) section and an upper division 198 section (jr, sr).


You can add the class up to the end of the 5th week of school, however, please be aware that you are responsible for any quizzes and assignments given out before this add deadline. Read the syllabus to learn about the passing requirements.

Course Contact: stemcelldecal AT


Faculty Sponsor: Irina Conboy

Time & Location:

Discussion Section458 EvansF 10-11 Afull07077 (lower)
— (upper)
Discussion Section458 EvansW 6-7 Pfull07080 (lower)
— (upper)
Discussion Section458 EvansTh 1-2 Pfull— (lower)
07431 (upper)
Discussion Section458 EvansTh 5-6 Pfull— (lower)
07434 (upper)
Adam Mulvihill
Alexandra Race
155 Donner LabM 6-7 P8/31full07071 (lower)
07425 (upper)

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