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Bookworlds: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Analysis

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Fall 2009
English 98/198
2 Unit(s)



About the Course:

So, you love all things Harry Potter.  Sure, you might have read the last book in less than 24 hours, and you even dressed up as Dobby at one of the midnight movie openings.  But could you explain the mythological intricacies within the texts, or discuss how Aristotelian theory can be applied to the construct of Hogwarts Houses?  It doesn't truly matter if you answered yes or no to these questions.  As long as they interested you, so will this class.

The objective of this course is to explore the world within the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. In this course we will be examining themes like: good vs. evil, determinism vs. free will, social constructs, the ever present significance of Death, writing styles and so on. By doing so, we intend to reveal the many layers of the Harry Potter series --  those which Rowling developed throughout the series as well as the ones she left for the reader to investigate more deeply.

Note: we won't be reading the books in THIS Harry Potter class; instead we will be reading critical articles relevant to the various thematic issues we will discuss.  So, you should come into the class having already read all 7 books, or currently be in the process of finishing them.

This semester will be our first semester teaching the course but we are continuing the legacy of the Harry Potter & the Chamber of Analysis class that has been taught and revised over and over since 2007. Regardless, we hope that we all will have fun. We believe you can never know too much about HP, read it too many times, or learn enough from your students. So come one, come all!-- the Hogwarts Express leaves  on August 31st!

How to Enroll:

Sorry, class is full! Try again next semester or even the next Fall! 

*Update: 08/03/09* The waitlists are really long, especially for the lower division. You may still email to get on the waitlist with the info below and show up on the first day to sign up and see what your odds are...


You will have to submit an application by sending us an email. Send us the email answering the questions below. Once we receive it, you will be put on a waiting list. First come, first served!

1. Your name?

2. Your year? (Freshman, Junior, etc)

3. Did you see the most recent HP movie and what do you think about it?

4. Why do you want to be in the class?

Enrollment maximum capacity is 40 and it is split between upper and lower divisions. The class gets full pretty quickly but don't hesitate to submit the application to get on the waitlist. Please go to the first day of class to sign in to confirm your position on the waiting list. After class, we will be emailing out the CCN's for the chosen ones to officially get registered in the class. See you then. :)

Course Contact: wingardiumleviosaF09 AT


Faculty Sponsor: Janet Sorensen

Time & Location:

Chamber of Analysis[?]
Vanessa Vun
40122 WheelerM 5:30-7:308/31full

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