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ChemE Car DeCal

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Fall 2009
Chemical Engineering 98
2-3 Unit(s)



About the Course:

The mission of this DeCal is to foster interdisciplinary research and teamwork in creating a shoebox-size car powered by a chemical reaction. The ultimate goal of this DeCal is to develop engineering knowledge and participate in the ChemE Car competition hosted by AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers).


This DeCal is very interdisciplinary and participation from non-ChemE's are highly encouraged. Any major has a vast potential to contribute to the ChemE Car team!

(For example: MechEs can help with the car chassis, EEs can help with the car circuitry, and BioEs can help with alternative fuel sources)



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How to Enroll:

 September 16 Update

Please check for assignments and course information.

First assignment is due on September 21 Monday.



1. The CCN is available and the course is open for enrollment! Please make sure you sign up for Chemical Engineering 98 Section 003. Other sections of ChemE 98 are NOT the DeCal!!


2. Units

Please sign up for the following units accordingly

2 Units: Attend DeCal Discussion on Mondays 5-7PM

3 Units: Attend DeCal Discussion AND attend lab sections(to be scheduled during first weeks of class)

Please read the DeCal syllabus for more information.

 Last Updated - September 15, 2009


Class Schedule: Mondays 5-7PM

Location: 121 Gilman

First Day of Class: September 14, Monday

Last Updated - September 15, 2009


Course Contact: chemecardecal (AT)


Faculty Sponsor: Jeffrey Reimer

Time & Location:

DiscussionDoug Fung
Matthew Na
30121 GilmanM 5-79/14started10414 (lower)
— (upper)

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: Preliminary Decal syllabus.docAug 2133kbWord Doc (Viewer)View Download

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