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198 courses approved as of January 27, 2015 5:19PM PST.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.

DeCal Board Internship1-2M 7p-9pfull
Investigating North Korea2W 5p-7pfull
Skywatching2M 6p-8pfull
Stage Makeup Basics for Dummies1MW 5p-6:30pfull
Quantum Consciousness2-3Th 5p-6pfull
Tu 5p-7pfull
Tamarkoz: Sufi Meditation1-3W 5p-6pfull
Video Games and You: The Player's Perspective1M 6:30p-8:30pfull
CUIR: Chemistry Undergraduate Internships and Research2Tu 6p-7:30pstarted
Generation Citizen at Berkeley2TBA
Ambience: An Intro to Glove Lightshows1M 7p-9pstarted
Entrepreneur Speaker Series1M 5p-6popen
Introduction to the Entertainment Business2Tu 8p-10pfull
Believe It! The Naruto DeCal2W 5p-7pstarted
CalTV2Tu 7:30p-8:30pfull
SwingCal: Learn to Swing Dance1F 6p-8pfull
F 6p-8pfull
Rebuilding Haiti Through a Multidisciplinary Approach2M 6p-7:30pstarted
Pioneers in Engineering PREP DeCal cs/fw2Tu 6p-8pstarted
Communicating Sustainability2W 6p-8pstarted
IEEE Hands in Practical Electronics (HOPE)1W 8p-10popen
Addressing Inequality through Urban Debate: BAUDL Practicum2Th 7p-9pstarted
Modern Square Dancing2W 7p-9pfull
Public Finance: The Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds2W 6p-8pfull
Money Management Coaching2W 6p-8pfull
#GlobalPOV: Can Your Point of View Change the World?2Th 2p-4pstarted
A.I.M. For Your Future2M 4p-6pfull
My Little DeCal: Sociology is Magic2Tu 5p-7pstarted
Berkeley Fiction Review: Small Press Publishing1-2Tu 5:30p-7pfull
Impact Investing & Social Enterprises1Tu 5p-6pfull
Miyazaki DeCal1MTh 5p-7pfull
Berkeley Review of Cognitive Science Articles (BROCA)2W 4p-6pfull
Leadership and Justice: The Knowledge for Human Rights!2M 6p-8pstarted
Voices of Social Justice2Th 4p-7pstarted
Pre-Health DeCal2Th 6:30p-8pstarted
InnoD's Intro to Photoshop & Illustrator2W 7p-9pfull
W 7p-9pfull
W 7p-9pfull
Public Speaking for the Professional World1Th 5p-6pfull
IEEE Micromouse1TBAopen
Trial Advocacy1-2W 5:30p-7:30pfull
Humanities and Social Science Publishing: The Berkeley Undergraduate Journal1W 6p-7pstarted
Anime - Introduction to Japanese Visual Culture1W 5p-6:30pstarted
The Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter2W 5:30p-7:30pfull
Berkeley Poetry Review: The DeCal1Tu 6p-8pfull
Cal Pokémon Academy1-2MW 5p-6pfull
TuTh 5p-6pfull
Taiwanese Language1-2MW 5p-6:30pstarted
TuTh 5p-6:30pstarted
MW 5p-6:30pstarted
Knitting 1011F 5p-7pstarted
The Child in You: Read, Write, and Publish Children's Literature2Th 7p-9pfull
Critical Sex Studies and Pornography2Th 5p-7:30pfull
Max Interval Training2MWF 6p-7pfull
Teach in Prison1-2Tu 5p-7pfull
Social Entrepreneurship [EthiCAL Apparel]2M 6p-8pfull
Between the Ropes: Exploring the World of Professional Wrestling2MW 5p-6:30pstarted
Thal at Cal1M 5p-6:30pstarted
Rx to De-Stress1W 4p-5pfull
Web Design DeCal: Design meets Programming2Tu 7p-9pfull
InnoD's Principles of Graphic Design2W 7p-9pstarted
To An Unknown God: A Journal of Christian Thought2Th 5p-7pstarted
Issues: Berkeley Medical Journal2Tu 5p-7pstarted
Indian Classical Music1W 6p-8pstarted
Diamond's Applied Anatomy1F noon-1pstarted
UCBUGG: 3D Modeling and Animation3Th 7p-9pfull
Tu 7p-9pfull
Web Development for Nonprofits cs/fw2Tu 6:30p-8:30pfull
Sustainable Energy for a Greener Tomorrow2Wednesday 5:30 - 7:00 PMstarted
Cal Fencing1-2Sun 1:30-3:00pmfull
Cinematography2Th 5p-7pfull
Comics Studio DeCal2-3Th 5p-7pstarted
Greek Folk Dancing1W 6p-8pstarted
Argentine Tango1Th 7p-10pstarted
Th 8p-10pstarted
The Film Industry Magnified: Representation, Globalization, and Perception2Tu 7:30p-9pfull
Introduction to Consulting2Th 5p-7pfull
Cal Spirit and Traditions2M 5:30p-7popen
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) cs/fw2Th 6p-8pfull
Learn to Solve the Rubik's Cube/Speedcubing2Tu 6p-7pfull
Tu 5p-6pfull
Across Cultures and Time1M 6p-7pstarted
BEAM (Berkeley Engineers and Mentors) cs/fw1-2M 7p-8:30pstarted
PreMed 1011W 6p-7:30pstarted
Fruitful Minds cs/fw2W 5:30p-7pstarted
English Undergraduate Research Workshop2Tu 5p-7popen
SHOCKS: Saving Hearts of California Kids2Tu 5:30p-7:30pfull
Ripple for Developers2Tu 7p-9pstarted
Archery2Sunday 3:30-5:30PMfull
Meeting the Marginal Majority cs/fw1M 6p-7:30pstarted
The Art of Reading Facial Expressions1TBA
Modern Assyrian Culture (MAC the DeCal)1-2Tu 6p-8pfull
Snap! Below the Line2Tu 6p-8pstarted
Tupac: The Evolution of Hip Hop & How to Rap2Th 5p-7pstarted
{Design.} DeCal2Tu 7p-9popen
AIAA Mars Rover2W 6p-8pstarted
Real Challenges: How Things Are Made2MW 6p-7pstarted
Materials Science through Food1Th 7p-8pstarted
Intro to Polymers1Th 6p-7pstarted
Mathematical Modeling of Engineering Systems1Tu 5p-7pstarted
3D Printing & Design2TuTh 5p-6:30pstarted
Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy1M 7p-9pfull
W 6p-8pfull
1 in 68: Autism Spectrum Disorders2Th 6p-8pstarted
Critical Animal Studies2Tu 4p-6pstarted
PIH Engage DeCal: A Critical Understanding of Global Health1Th 6:00-7:00pmstarted
Creating a Sustainable Landscape: On-Campus Gardening1-2F 10a-noonstarted
Learn to Play Bridge1M 6:30p-7:30pstarted
Stem Cells: Science and Society2W 5p-6pfull
Th 4p-5pfull
F noon-1pfull
M 6p-7pfull
Learn to Fly: Private Pilot Ground School2TuTh 6p-8pstarted
Jesus, Muhammad, and the Modern State2Th 6:30p-8:30pstarted
Goalball: Soccer with Blindfolds and Disability Studies2F 3p-4pstarted
F 1p-3pstarted
Science Journalism: The Berkeley Scientific Journal2M 7p-9pstarted
Berkeley Engineering Initiative1TBA
Exploration in Bioprinting1TBA
Garden Leadership and Management2F 3p-5pstarted
Sather Health: Issues in Student Health1TBA
The Rise of China and East Asia's Brewing Crisis2Th 6p-8pstarted
Introduction to Wall Street2W 6p-8pfull
The Zero Waste Movement2W 5p-7pstarted
Reproduction in Modern Society2W 5p-6:30pstarted
The History of Middle-Earth2W 6p-8pfull
Campaigning for a Fossil Free Future1Th 7p-9pstarted
Altered States and the Brain2Th 5p-7pstarted
Right Brained Music2M 5p-6:30pstarted
Retailing2Tu 6p-8pstarted
"The Graveyard of Empires": Afghanistan's Quest for Progress2W 5p-6:30pstarted
Fitness at Cal2Tu 5p-7pstarted
Positive Psychology2TuTh 5p-6pfull
Egyptian Hieroglyphs2W 6p-7:30pfull
Cal Environmental Team2M 6p-7popen
Introduction to Chinese Music: The Art of Erhu2Th 7p-9pfull
Tu 7p-9pstarted
Introduction to Guitar1W 6p-7pstarted
W 8p-9pstarted
Introduction to Opera Performance2MW 8p-10pstarted
Beginning Chinese Dance1-2W 6:30p-8:30pstarted
P'ungmul: Intro to Korean Drumming2W 7:30p-10pstarted
Chamber Music for Fun1TBA
From Bach to Whitacre: Listening to Classical Music Throughout the Ages2M 3p-5pfull
Peace Corps2W 6p-8pfull
Actuarial Exam 1/P Preparatory Course2M 5p-7pstarted
Introduction to Digital Photography2Tu 7:30p-9:30pfull
PTPS: People's Test Preparation Service1-2M 6:30p-8:30pstarted
Medical Spanish2Tu 5p-6:30pfull
Actuarial Finance FM Exam Decal2M 4p-6pstarted
Oral and Dental Health DeCal2Tu 5p-6:30pstarted
What is Chiropractic?2Tu 7p-9pstarted
Power of the Mind2Tu 5p-7pstarted
Copwatch: Community Based Police Accountability cs/fw2M 5p-6:30pstarted
PROS&CON(DOMS): The Science of Birth Control1Th 5:30p-7pfull
The Music, Lyrics and Art of Radiohead2TBA
The Politics of Digital Piracy2Th 3:30p-5pstarted
HIKE: Health Information for Kids' Education cs/fw1W 2p-4pfull
Berkeley Premedical Advisor Training1Tu 6p-8pstarted
Troika Undergraduate Journal2W 5p-7pstarted
Thirst: Global Discourses on Water and Human Rights2W 6p-8pstarted
Body Positive DeCal2W 6p-8pfull
Free Ventures: A Non-Profit Startup Incubator2M 6p-8pstarted
Modern B-Boy: Breakdance Culture Then & Now1TBA
Cantonese DeCal2MW 5p-6:30pfull
TuTh 5p-6:30pfull
TuTh 5p-6:30pfull
TuTh 5p-6:30pfull
Learn to Play the Sather Tower Bells - A Carillon Study1Tu 6p-7pstarted
History, Culture, and the Practice of Salsa Dance1Tu 7p-9pfull
Tu 7p-9pfull
Human Trafficking Prevention Education DeCal1Tu 7p-9pfull
American Red Cross2M 6:30p-8pstarted
The Insider's Guide to Berkeley Engineering1W 11a-noonstarted
W noon-1pstarted
F 2p-3pstarted
W 3p-4pstarted
W 4p-5pstarted
Th 4p-5pstarted
M 2p-3pstarted
W 11a-noonstarted
M 2p-3pstarted
M 5p-6pstarted
Tu 10a-11astarted
Th 11a-noonstarted
Tu 4p-5pstarted
M 9a-10astarted
Berkeley Urban Gardening Internship2M noon-2pfull
HBV: The Silent Killer1Th 5p-6pstarted
Intro to Sustainability and Environmentalism at UC Berkeley1W 4p-6pstarted
Issues in Affordable Housing & Poverty cs/fw2M 5p-6:30pstarted
The Magic DeCal1-2TuTh 5p-6:30pstarted
Set Design and Installation Art2M 7p-9pfull
Natural Resource Conflicts & Corporate Social Responsibility2W 6p-7pstarted
Bicycle Maintenance and Repair (hosted by BicyCal) cs/fw2W 5:30p-7:30pstarted
Prison and Society: Get on the Bus2M 6p-7pstarted
Criminal Psychology2Tu 6p-7:30pfull
hardboiled: APA journalism cs/fw1-2W 6p-7:30pstarted
Intro to Chemistry of Cooking2Tu 6:30p-8pstarted
Cal Seismic Design Team1TuTh 6p-7pstarted
Social Media and Organizing2Tu 4p-6pstarted
Steel Bridge Team2MW 5p-6pstarted
Practical Nonviolence2Tu 5p-6:30pstarted
Introduction to Children with Disabilities2W 6p-8pfull
Can't Tell Me Nothing: The Development of Kanye West's Music2Tu 4p-6pstarted
W 5p-7pstarted
Sex and Disability2Tu 7p-8:30pstarted
DULCE DeCal: Diabetes Awareness & Prevention2TBAopen
Concrete Canoe2M 6p-7pstarted
Your Enlightened Side2M 6p-7:30pstarted
Meditation: A Technology For Conscious Evolution2M 6p-8pfull
The Power of Networking2W 5p-7pfull
CalStar Yoga2F 1p-4pstarted
Tactical Thinking through Tabletop Gaming2M 6p-8pstarted
The Sage Mentorship Project1-2TBA
An Introduction to Leadership and Culture2Tu 4p-6pstarted
Macintosh Student Developers for OS X2MW 8p-10pstarted
Sex 101:Topics in Sexual Health2M 6p-8pfull
W 6p-8pfull
Picknic: Reducing Obesity Through Innovative Technology2Th 6p-8pstarted
Youth Support Program cs/fw1-2W 5p-6popen
Tu 5p-6pstarted
WAR Games2M 6p-8pstarted
Berkeley in the Global Food System"1M 4p-6pstarted
100 Strong: Female Leadership & Mentorship Development2Th 6p-7:30pstarted
Philosophy in Calvin and Hobbes1M 4p-5pfull
The Passion Project cs/fw2Th 6p-8pstarted
Game of Thrones - Alliances, Power and Strategies1W 6p-7pstarted
The Internal Gym: Redefining Health & Fitness2W 5p-7pfull
The Workshop: Interview Preparation and Job Success1Tu 4p-5pstarted
Fighting to Learn, Learning to Fight2M 5p-7pstarted
Actuarial Exam 1/P Preparatory Course2M 5p-7popen

198 courses found, when using the selected filters above.

cs/fw denotes courses that are based around community service or field work.